In my career I’ve developed skills to present strong cases, provide pragmatic advice, and find common ground to both win at trial and settle disputes before they get there. I only take cases that I know can be won, and will never waste clients’ time or money pursuing a pipe dream.

Business Dissolution

When partners decide to call it quits, there are frequently questions about who owes what to whom. Whether the partners remain friendly or can’t even be in the same room as one another, good lawyers help sort out the ownership picture without creating (more) bad blood. Sometimes it’s necessary to file a lawsuit to get what’s yours. Hire me to put this matter to rest and get the cash that is your right.

Fraud and Misrepresentation

It’s not only in business to consumer relations where fraud occurs. There is a small subset of people who are willing to lie, cheat, and steal their way to success, and they’re often more successful than the average person (you know, because they’ll lie, cheat, and steal). Hire me if you find out you’ve been ripped off by one of these people.

Breach of Contract

Both parties went through the trouble of making an agreement, and now one party can’t honor their end of the bargain. Maybe it’s not personal, maybe it is. Either way, without an attorney you’ll have no luck enforcing that agreement. A good attorney will work to structure a deal that gets you what you need without having to spend money on filing a lawsuit. Hire me to figure out how to deal with this breach of contract and whether litigation, or the perfectly-worded letter, is your best move.

Attorney Malpractice

The law is a frequently a complicated minefield of rights and responsibilities. Often, attorneys make mistakes that have profound impacts on their clients’ rights. Frequently this is because they are over-scheduled and miss a deadline. Other times it’s because they fail to make an argument, fail to see a limitation, or just make an unconscionable series of mistakes. If you believe your attorney made a mistake that cost you money, hire me to evaluate your case and make it right.

Real Estate Misrepresentation

If a seller or realtor knows that something’s wrong with the property, there’s immense financial pressure for them to hide it from the buyer. Whether that’s a crack in the foundation they hide with shelving, a wetland on the property that they didn’t disclose during a winter sale, or any other defect that the buyer didn’t know about, there are serious claims that the buyer can bring against the seller, and perhaps against the seller’s realtor as well. Hire me if the house you bought isn’t the house you were told it would be.

Personal Injury