Sam Wayne

Hi, I’m Sam. I’ve been protecting people from fraud and other anti-consumer activities my entire career. I’m a passionate advocate for an economy that works for people who work, and I’m honored to fight for people against abusive business practices.

I fight for clients against businesses that have decided to rip off their customers through a reasoned and careful analysis that only considers making its shareholders richer. They foreclose on homes at random and refuse to listen or negotiate, often providing no means of contact at all. They respond to credit report disputes by saying they’ll fix the problem, and then don’t fix the problem; often more than once or twice. They harass people to collect debts that they know are not legitimate.

Like most people, I’m sick of this. These terrible practices can affect anyone with a mortgage or any other kind of debt; heck, they even target people without any debt at all. With a financial system out of control, I’m grateful that I get to help victims of corporate greed.

I also recognize the important role that small businesses play in employing and developing people. I’ve counseled many of these – bars, restaurants, salons, recreational sports leagues, software developers, real estate brokers, marketing consultants, etc. – to ensure that their business structures and relationships are exactly as they wish them to be and to negotiate on their behalf with other businesses.

Along with my passion I sport a friendly and caring demeanor, a strong ability to work effectively with others, and a commitment to communicate with my clients promptly and frequently. It’s important to get the best result for you that I can, and that relies on you feeling valued and letting you define what’s “best,” with my advice.

In addition to working in my own law firm, I have represented people and businesses with a small, sophisticated law firm in Madison, helped start, represent, and manage an educational games company, and interned for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Consumer Protection Unit, and a large law firm in New York.

Originally from New York State, I’ve lived in Madison since 2003. In my free time I love to travel, read, play soccer, practice yoga, see live music, and enjoy the company of fun, interesting, and sincere people. I’m proud to be a Badger twice-over, and was fortunate to receive an Ivy League undergraduate education. I’m also proud of and humbled by the distinctions I’ve had the honor of accepting.


JD        University of Wisconsin Law School
MPA    University of Wisconsin
BS       Cornell University


2012     InBusiness Magazine 40 Under 40
2011     State Bar of Wisconsin Young Lawyers Division Professional Achievement Award
2010     Wisconsin Law School Dean’s Fellow
2009     Sonnet Schmidt Edmonds Excellence in Energy Law Award
2008     First Place: ABA Regional Negotiation Competition
2008     State Bar of Wisconsin Award for highest mark in Negotiations
2007     Janet D. Steiger Fellowship
2005     La Follette School Graduation Speaker
2003     Robert M. La Follette Fellowship